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The Studio Framework



The Studio Framework is a set of C++ classes that take care of the common things every application has to do, such as parameter parsing, plugin handling, runtime type information on objects, threads, curses, and scripting.

Requirements and Building

Building SFW requires the following packages:

The following are currently optional:

After you make sure you have these things, SFW should configure, make, and install without incident. I highly recommend you use epkg, the Encap Package Manager, if you have to compile any of the above from source, and for SFW. Epkg is an excellent tool for maintaining packages built from source, written by Mark Roth. You can get epkg and find out more information about it at

If you run into any problems (other than those listed above), don't hesitate to mail me at <>.


SFW doesn't do anything itself, it's just the class library. Go get TemplateFactory if you'd like to see an example-in-action, plus have a useful utility for making files.

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